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Published by: Michel La Corte, Salon

If you visit a coffee shop right now, I almost guarantee there is a pistachio-flavored drink on the menu. 

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Published by: Camper English, Eater SF

Though a few places around San Francisco have served cocktails containing sesame in recent years, suddenly it seems we’re sipping on seeds all over town. Local drinks feature black and white sesame seeds in a variety of forms — as decorative dust, oil, syrup, and salt — and draw inspiration from countries including China, Mexico, and Japan.

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Published by: Ellen Sherberg, Bizwomen Contributor

Torani flavors are fixtures in coffee shops, restaurants and maybe your kitchen. CEO Melanie Dulbecco believes in the people behind those products and makes sure they know it.

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Asian food encompasses a vast selection of unique and varied flavors and textures — from chewy, sweet mochi to the spice of a crunchy chili sauce to the savory, umami flavors of curry, you’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love this continents’ cuisine! From an A5 wagyu sushi kit to the top of the line matcha maker, here’s a list to help you get started on holiday shopping for the Asian food lover in your life.

Cuzen Matcha Starter Kit

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Published by: Caroline Colvin

Torani recently announced that over the past five years, its HR department “has doubled down” on its diverse recruiting efforts. But what does that actually mean? 

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Published by: Business Wire

Torani, the trusted leader in the flavor industry for nearly 100 years, has doubled down on its efforts over the last five years to increase the number of women in frontline positions and has seen a five-fold uptick of women in manufacturing roles thanks to automation, upskilling roles, and a dedicated focus on increasing diversity. Now, nearly 28% of Torani’s manufacturing team is made up of women, an impressive feat considering manufacturing has historically been a male-dominated field nationwide.

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Published by: Maggie Hennessy

At once beloved and maligned, the distinctly American practice of doctoring espresso with flavored syrups and copious amounts of steamed milk purportedly dates back to San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood in the early 1980s. Per San Francisco-based syrup maker Torani, a retired coffee industry veteran named LC “Brandy” Brandenburg walked into North Beach's Caffe Trieste in 1982 and glimpsed the Torani flavored syrup bottles lining the back bar. He asked owner and friend Giovanni “Papa Gianni” Giotta if he could take a few home to Portland, Ore., where he had an espresso machine.

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Published by: Emily Gerard

Godwin is on to something, said Andrea Ramirez, manager of consumer and customer market insight at Torani, which makes several popular blue syrups. "All those cool colors, from Blue Curaçao and blue raspberry, to blueberry and lavender and blackberry, offer visual appeal that looks wonderful on social media, and bring a sense of excitement," explained Ramirez. "The purpose of that blue is to be fun. And we are, a couple of years into the pandemic, desperate for fun. The idea of something that’s joyful and happy that isn’t really trying too hard or snooty — that’s wonderful."

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Published by: Carly Caramanna

The intense flavors have inspired one of the newest syrups from Torani, the company known for inventive flavors, syrups and sauces that can be added to coffees and desserts, from Italian eggnog to huckleberry. With their cultural curiosity and the company's desire to seek out eye-catching flavors, salted egg yolk syrup was a natural fit for their 2022 Flavor of the Year.

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Published by: Kat Thompson

In fact, Torani, the syrup brand found in coffee shops and brew counters across the country, crowned salted egg yolk as its flavor of the year for 2022.

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A top contender for the company’s coveted “Flavor of the Year” title, Torani’s newest launch delivers a refreshing flavor experience and another culinary tourism experience

Torani Puremade Bergamot Syrup with Soda in kitchen with citrus slices and pastries on table


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Published by: Lily Alig at Insider
  • Torani Flavored Syrups are so easy to bring into your morning coffee routine that I use them every day.
  • With just a tablespoon of flavoring, you can have coffee shop-quality drinks at home.
  • Check out more of our favorite products and services we tested this year.

Half Full Torani Chocolate Milano Plastic Bottle with Flavored Latte in Glass on Wooden Table

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Torani’s ‘Pourcast Flavor of 2022’ is the culmination of years of global market and flavor trend research, resulting in an undeniably delicious, on-trend “it” flavor

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Published by: Elite Daily

Torani is bringing coffee fans a new flavor for their at-home lattes. For the first time in its brand history, the syrup maker will unveil its official “Flavor of the Year.” But before the launch, Torani is asking fans to guess what it is based on three clues, and if you guess correctly, you could win a free bottle of the new flavor. If you’re ready to test your sleuthing skills, here’s how to guess Torani’s 2022 Flavor of the Year.

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Published by: Amber Love Bond at Forbes

We’re in the dog days of summer and often the best way to cool down is with a cold beverage. Whether you’re a wine drinker, caffinee craver, or cocktail enthusiast this season is full of plenty new summer sips that will no doubt quench your thirst. To up the ante, most of these spirited delights are easy to grab and go for those last call picnics, beach days, and gatherings with family and friends.

Here are 16 beverages you should be sipping on the rest of this summer.

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Torani, a leader in the flavor industry for nearly 100 years, is proud to introduce three new flavors to its lineup: Puremade Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce, Puremade Mangonada Syrup, and Puremade Black Sugar Syrup. These on-trend products deliver amazing flavor with clean ingredients and no GMOs.

Published by: By Jessica Leigh Mattern from Real Simple

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Italian soda is a fun, fizzy, handcrafted soft drink that people of all ages love to sip on year round. It's refreshing. It's flavorful. It's bubbly. It's nostalgia-inducing. It's authentically Italian.

Published by: SFGate

An unexpected victim of the pandemic? The Bay Area's food tour scene, which lost out on a "Willy Wonka-esque" experience after COVID's spread necessitated a shelter-in-place order.

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Published by: Alicia Wallace

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the US, some businesses held fast and hunkered down. Torani, the 95-year-old company that makes those colorful bottles of flavored syrup at your local coffee shop, didn't have that luxury. Torani needed to follow through on a plan that had been years in the making: a relocation of its headquarters and manufacturing operations from South San Francisco to a brand new building across the Bay. The Covid-19 pandemic, however, turned what was already an ambitious and expensive undertaking into a dramatic exercise in operational gymnastics.


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Published by: Jobina Fortson 

Italian syrup maker Torani is looking to hire workers for its manufacturing team in San Leandro.

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Torani, the 95-year-old flavor company best known for introducing the Italian soda to America and creating the world’s first flavored latte, has completed the move from South San Francisco across the Bay to its new 330,000 square foot Flavor Factory in San Leandro, California.

Published by: BEAM Inc

How can you lead a reinventing, ever-regenerative company that produces valued products, is honored for best employer, operates as a socially impactful Certified B Corporation, and generates continuous profit and double-digit revenue growth year-on-year, decade-after-decade—while also continuing to grow personally and professionally? We asked Torani’s CEO, Melanie Dulbecco, how she accomplishes this