March is here, and we are sipping and scoring with these elite mix and match drink recipes! Each of these beverages combines a delicious pairing of Torani Syrup and Puremade Sauce to deliver a winning look and even better flavor, perfect for any game day gathering.  If you’re wondering what the difference is between Torani Syrups and Sauces, we’re here to help!  

Torani Syrups come in a wide variety of flavor and are offered in our Original formula, Sugar Free, as well as Puremade. Original Torani Syrups are made with pure cane sugar and natural flavors, while our Sugar Free line is sweetened with sucralose for those who prefer the same flavor without the sugar. Puremade Torani Syrups contain no artificial flavors or preservatives, use color from natural sources and have no GMO’s. Our Puremade line also contains select flavors in Zero Sugar, which are sweetened with monkfruit and erythritol to deliver amazing flavor without the sugar.  

Torani Sauces are also part of the Puremade line and are made with real ingredients like Dutched cocoa, caramelized sugar and fresh cream. Our Puremade Sauce line contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Torani Puremade Sauces have a slightly thicker consistency than syrups that mixes beautifully into hot and cold drinks alike.  

So whether you're celebrating a big win or consoling yourself after a tough loss, these mix and match creations using Torani Syrups and Puremade Sauces are sure to elevate your sweet treat game!  

Try this Iced Bourbon Caramel Mocha, a slam dunk twist on the classic chocolatey caffeinated beverage. This combination features the smooth richness of Puremade Dark Chocolate Sauce, perfectly complemented by the nutty, buttery notes of the Bourbon Caramel Syrup. Each sip brings the perfect balance of indulgence and energy and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! 

Iced Bourbon Caramel Mocha

This stunning Minty Mocha Frappe is the perfect combination you’ve been looking for. Cool mint and rich chocolate collide for a surprisingly refreshing and undeniably satisfying treat. Top it with whipped cream and another drizzle of chocolate sauce to bring some sweetness to the table. 

Minty Mocha Frappe


Get in the seasonal spirit with this Shamrock Milkshake! This milkshake is a game-changer, offering the perfect balance of sweetness and sophistication. Irish Cream and White Chocolate Sauce offer some tough competition to your go-to treat, so try it out and see what the hype is all about!  

Shamrock Milkshake


This childhood favorite has been upgraded in this court-stopping Banana Pudding Milkshake! Bananas, crispy vanilla wafer cookies and a drizzle of Puremade White Chocolate Sauce come together in this all-star confection. This may just be your bracket winner! 

Banana Pudding Milkshake


If you’re a fan of boba, this Bourbon Caramel Milk Tea with Boba is the perfect dunk-worthy delight. This time, Bourbon Caramel is matched up with Puremade Caramel Sauce for double the caramel and double the flavor.  

Bourbon Caramel Milk Tea with Boba


These delicious recipes are the perfect way to get the ball rolling on all the mix-and-match coffee sauces and syrup combinations you can create. Try one out and watch the magic happen!  

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